• Bridgit Clip for Crutches

    £10.20 "inc VAT"

    Bridgit joins your two crutches together.

    The Bridgit Clip is an attractive and functional clip that complements either the Flexyfoot and FDI range of crutches, solving the problem of holding or storing your crutches when they aren’t being used.
  • FDI Crutch Replacement Grips

    £4.80£9.60 "inc VAT"

    Compatible Models: ErgoDynamic - ErgoTech - Premium.

    UK VAT Relief?
    FDI Ultra-Soft Grips are manufactured with an anti-slip material (Latex Free) for long term performance and maximum comfort. FDI crutches have a  push button release for quick and easy installation.
    • Provides long term performance and maximum comfort.
    • Free of Latex materials
  • FDI Ferrules

    £3.00£4.20 "inc VAT"

    Compatible with Models: ErgoDynamic - ErgoTech - Premium

    UK VAT Relief?
    FDI Crutch Ferrules are a made from a unique composite material for durability and grip. Its innovative tread pattern and material flexibility ensures maximum contact with most challenging surfaces even at an angle.
  • FDI Forearm Protection Pad

    £5.40£10.80 "inc VAT"

    Compatible Models: ErgoDynamic - OptiComfort

    UK VAT Relief?
    FDI’s Forearm Protection Pad is a soft, latex-free pad designed to enhance your comfort and maintain correct forearm positioning.
  • FDI Locking Device

    £4.20 "inc VAT"
    UK VAT Relief?
    FDI’s Height Selector Locking Device features a safety clip design for added security. Available in black. Sold as a Pair. Note: This is a replacement part and is the same part found originally installed on all FDI forearm crutches.
  • FDI Tripod Stand

    £10.80£19.08 "inc VAT"

    Compatible Models: ErgoDynamic - ErgoTech - OptiComfort

    UK VAT Relief?
    FDI’s Tripod Crutch stand is designed to keep your crutches upright on any level surface. Compact design, easy installation and can remain attached to your crutch.
  • FDI Wrist Strap

    £5.40 "inc VAT"

    Note: supplied as a Pair

    The FDI Forearm Strap is designed to keep the crutch connected to your arm. This practical device offers you additional freedom for your hands to perform other daily tasks such as opening a door, tap or bottle. The strap also has a simple “quick release” that allows you arm to break free of the crutch when required.

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